Last Chance for Victory

Prep time:

2014-05-25 11.54.03


After all it is Peach Season here in Texas.

The Sweet Stonewall Peaches that are small, fleshy and juicy are just coming online.  So why don’t we take a moment and look at setting up the Dogs of War!

2014-05-25 11.53.52

It will likely be at least a week before I begin posting results in Battle Report format. I need to re read the rules, punch and clip etc. I will however post some video  in the form of “As I  Play” style. Hmm catchy.  Not quiet Watch it played, more  see the disaster unfold in raw footage 😉

At least 9 charts to refer to. It seems that Orange and Yellow are the new Black and White.

2014-05-25 11.54.23


The learning scenario is tiny, which should allow us to focus. I must admit I will be winging this a bit so lets just have some fun and see what we learn. Once I play this once or twice then a larger scenario can be set up.

2014-05-25 11.54.14



Hey!! At least say something! ;)