Kursk Update

From the man himself, I was asking about scale and ability to be a somewhat mobile game with that many men on the board….

“For those wondering about the mobility of a Kursk battle at this scale, I put together a string of images from the storyboard for the game (this is what actually happened). It is only the main thrust to the very east. Half the map is missing…and after the 9th, the push was off map to the west (to the left)…you don’t see that here other than the left shoulder catching up with the thrust on the right…so this is going up and across two maps – but half the full map is missing to the left (did that make sense?). Let me know if not…anyway, this is half of the battle in the full campaign game. …but here is what would happen if you played Kursk GTS and it followed exactly what happened…hope it can be seen. I had to substantially reduce the size of the files.” A.Starkweather

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