Killing time

There was some useful activity asides the wasted time with @Counterfact Magazine games.
Reading up on linked campaigns for GCACW.

Lots of work to make that happen. While not afraid of that, the timing needs to be right.

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II + Here Come the Rebels + Road to Gettysburg can apparently be linked up for an extended campaign. That’s 6 maps overlaid on each other. Which will necessitate finishing up Objective Moscow.

2016-09-04 00.30.52
The scenario is called : THE ROADS TO ANTIETAM
Revised Combined Game Rules & Optional Rulesfor Stonewall Jackson’s Way & Here Come the Rebels, with an optional addition of action in Pennsylvania!

The thought of this inspires a desire to read ACW history. As geography and County locations are not a strong point here! As demonstrated by the nearly 40 minutes to sort out which maps went where…ahem..sheepish grin

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