Just in Time!

Better late than never! That is what I say!

I had just posted shots of the Next War Korea game and all the charts, printed errata, living rules etc ready to sell.

2014-05-28 07.55.08
I thought heck a few more pages wont hurt, let us see what is on BGG for d.load to sweeten the kitty.
Low and behold a NEW SCENARIO. Reality Show!

This one is a revision to bring the NORKS…ok DPRK back into ‘current’ perceived capabilities.2014-05-28 07.56.23

I feel that the adjustment made here add some credence to the game, which otherwise feels like a significant flight of fancy. I imagine despite  Mitchell’s writing about how everyone has assumptions for the game it probably boils down to – “Not much of a game if the UN/NATO/US kick the shit out of the NORKS ok day 1.” type of thinking.

That is a good thing, because the  underlying system seems to work really well and while the air war is too tightly linked to Special Forces and other bits it is not as painful as I imagined, the added time is worth it.

So what changes?

The DPRK lose their amph units of course!  The armies overall take an Efficiency dip of 2 except for 2 premium NK units.  Air for the KPAF is reduced significantly as is AA capability.

The biggest and most needed change is the reduction to two MSU from three and a 50% reduction in overall at start supply. Which likely could be even bigger to reflect what we know in 2014.

2014-05-28 07.54.16

Based on hearsay the capabilities of the South Korean forces are not that strong either, so when I do play this I will be dropping their efficiency by 1 as well.

I have removed Next War Korea from my for sale pile.

Grab the updates and the scenario  here

4 thoughts on “Just in Time!

  1. Thanks!

    Two things, though, only one North Korean unit survived the reduction in ER, the 105th Armored Division (of the 820th Corps).

    Also, the reduction for MSUs is that they can’t have more than two on the map at a time (or more than two Supply Depots at one time – so four total).

  2. Mitchell, thanks for taking the time to make that note here. I am very excited about this title and the new ones coming down the pike. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kevin, Thanks for pointing out the new scenario. One question: what do you mean, exactly, when you say “the air war is too tightly linked to Special Forces”?


    • Mark, from what I have read several of the advanced game features are tied to using the Air rules. So you MUST play the air war to be allowed to use SF etc. This nearly doubles game time.

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