Japanese Op plan Randomness to bluff myself….

Bloody Ridge.


The Japs will choose or roll for one of the 4 options below. Whilst somewhat audacious, it is at least going to be a surprise as to what the plan actually is come 0400 (which is when we roll for decision).

Some may think we have wasted good night time hours on day one of the campaign. I think differently. Too often I rush into these TCS tactical situations and lose 50% of my forces. Not this time. Also the less time the Japs spend being pounded by 100 HE ammo the better. The Japanese player needs to acquire the hilltops, then brew new plans based around a Hasty D or a Prepared D in the jungle in the foothills. Holding the high ground will mean annihilation from Arty and air.

So we plan to capture Hill 80 and the log bridge, then prepare to re buff a counter attack in the am. The US will likely pull the Para units recently failed into a full counter attack. We will see.

The 4 options here each offer a different problem that the US player will need to resolve. Plan 1 involves weaken their flank and forcing the entry of 2/5, but hopefully not too early, this weakens the US final VP tally.

Plan 2 allows (hopefully) a timed two pronged attack on Hill 123, just when the US is attacking Hill 80(?)!!

Plan 3 a deep drive in the early AM on Divisional HW, will tear the defense in two. Do they re capture Hill 80 (assuming it is lost) or do they react and brew a new plan to counter the attack on Div HQ.  This plan would likely drive the 2/5 to enter so a company of troops will be dispatched to attempt to dig in on the jungle road.

Plan 4! Same as three but with a full company sent to ‘hopefully’ fire on US arty as it arrives! Any gun losses or SFA success there is a big win for the Japanese.

The rest of the Japanese forces will reinforce Hill80, and 124 will attack Hill123 at some point.

The plans should drive constant Op sheet updates for the Marines. Even with a Preparation rating of 1, it takes time to sort out and re align forces.


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