Its Here…and soon your chance to win!

In the coming days I will be mulling a competition to win a copy of BiA Standard Edition. Be sure to tune in. The last competition only 2 folks got the right answer….so I guess I shall have to make it all easier for you “non- history” wargamers….ahem…ahem. 😉



Uber gortex map [25% bigger map which indestructable] of the Blocks in Afrika play area, the T shirt of course [don’t wash in hot water]!! The rule books for combine Blocks in Afrika, West and East play.

2014-11-15 00.28.45

The expanded card sets to enhance strategic play choices:

2014-11-15 07.07.46


Finally, the reprinted combined gortex Blocks in Afrika & BiTE map!

2014-11-15 07.10.35


This removes the charts for the BiTE  map, take in a few errata bits and combines for …a WOW experience.

2014-11-15 07.10.51 2014-11-15 07.11.03Bellissimo


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