Plain Speaking

1996 was the year it seems. When most of the guys I am just now learning about, wrote voraciously spoke plainly and with experience based opinions in regards to war gaming design, the state of the hobby and the evolving art of design.

I am enjoying with my hind sight and lens from today seeing how design evolved, how impressions of title were formed and what mattered then versus now.


Back then I was in transit from the enthusiastic but  isolated wargaming land of Australia to New York. Sadly most of my small game collection did not meet me in NYC. I was too busy working and playing a different war game :), to really lament my loss or explore the scene in NYC. If I had seen these magazines, with such detailed and bold declarations of good, bad and genius I may have found a re connection sooner!

Do your self a favor, hunt down a copy or two. Or send me a note if you want to see a digital article from one edition in particular.

Thanks to those who have carried the torch for so long and so thoughtfully about our hobby.

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