Iron Tide Turn 9 and 10

Now both the South and the Northern force commanders are on a groove and the Allies reel. The constant supply of units however forces gains to be limited and no major break outs occur. In the South the Axis begin to dig in and prepare for 2-3 Divisions of Pattons finest to come roaring into the flank.

Nth and Sth, squeeze the Allies out of the middle and gain some precious extra VP locations. The push for Liege in the North is stop and go, as fresh divisions of tough A rated Allies pound the daylights out of the Germans. Bridge blowing is done cautiously by the Allies, perhaps a little too so. Always seeking to keep a bridge or two here and there in tact for the eventual counter attack costs the Allies dearly.

The 101st and 82nd take a beating but manage to hold gains by the aggressive Southern command of the Germans. In the North, the endles stream on fresh troops slows down the German advance. A final pocket of Allies is being forced out to allows some final gains prior to the North thinking of settling down.


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