Iron Tide Turn 4 , 6 and 7

A poorly formatted Turn  4 overview shot!


Bastogne falls Turn 5, un contested, the Allies have thrown a lot of Arty and Engineers into the fray to speed bump the Southern Advance, all to no avail.

German commandos only divert 2 tank Bns, but the threat of diversion is almost as good! Things got a little stressful and pictures were neglected as the Northern wing of the German forces struggled to make head way and come to terms with how combat worked efficiently.

The Iron Tide was an Iron Pool, as Tanks swarmed to get into position, and arty had a hard time keeping its fire within in range despite slow going. The Allies had just enough forces to hold the Germans, then they US decided to  attempt a rescue of their forces who were entrenched next to the westwall.  This cost the Allies dearly to the tune of over an entire Division. Once those forces were isolated, their force was blunted and German tanks and arty could move up the road toward Liege.



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