Iron Tide Turn 1 Attacks : Plan

Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes is a Nathan Kilgoe designed game using the Victory in the West system, first conceptualized I think in Panzer Gruppe Guderian. I’ve played just the one time and really enjoyed the ebb and flow of the game and how the system took care a of a lot of the niggly particulars that usually require reams of rules. This was fisrt published in 2002.


Circles and arrows denote planned attacks for Turn 1.

Top of Map is WEST. Right is NORTH.

In the Center we plan on having 6th Panzer Army attack  to the West.

While 5th pressures the middle seemingly towards Bastogne in conjunction with 7th from the South East.





Victory is destermined by VPs for the German player. Capture enough towns and exit the map or cross the river and in essence you win. Green discs below indicate German progress historically. each disk equals one VP. The Black die is Bastogne. Its worth 8 VP.

VP locations

VP locations

There is a 10/20 turn and a campaign mode.  My goal is to feint to Bastogne with 5th and 7th but really press to capture the red disk locations in the North West with 6th Panzer Army.

The German player has to allow for pressure from the South with reinforcements arriving in bulk (9 regiments) on turn 22AM. By that time the German must be done and thinking about holding gains if I recall correctly. The Allied forces are all REALLY tough.  Plus the dreaded 101st Airborne and 82n Airborne arrive  via Givet/ Dinat @ 18AM turn.

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