Iron Tide: PiA: At Start 17AM

After a quirky some what hapless start the Germans slowly regained their composure.

However, 3 week hiatus in game has meant a fuzzying of the rules. Which lead the German third turn (17AM) to be a bit half arsed. Divisions attacked piece meal, losing all important attack bonuses along the way, Tank Battalions attacked with other units unstacked…also forfeiting bonuses. Fortunately thru all of the whacky rolls, missed DRMs, and column shifts between the two of us we managed to sort it all out and the Germans actually only lost a step or two over first turn losses.

Opening situation:





In the North the 12 SS and 1SS make their moves. 12th supports an attack on 99th and supports isolating the US 106th Infantry near Schonberg.


Center map 62, elements of  560th, 116th Pzr  and 1st SS press to St Vith outskirts. While the rest of 560th moves to the North of Clervaux.


East of CLervaux 2nd Panzer and 26th Inf are stuck repairing bridges and clearing.

5th FJ secures a bridge near Wilz and 276th and 357 prepare to assault Ettlebruck. With a view to clearing the route to the dump in Marletange and protecting flanks of the main thrust.

17AM US Moves.


In the North the situation settled mainly due to the US pulling forces back, where they had one entire Division locked up and one or two regiments reduced to Cadre /lost 1 step status. I fully expected a vicious assault.

The hole that had momentarily opened up in the middle of the map between Stavelor in the North and Wilz in the South has been plugged with cadre regiments, the Norwegians and a Tank battalion with 7A motoring to the rescue.


Further East forces move back towards Stavelor and Malmedy.

The dump in Bullingen is heavily guarded but we forestall blowing it with CDO’s (commandos) . Scattered units  place zocs on roads and this will impinge rapid advance.


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