Into The Breach, The Flood. World at War

Into The Flood,

The Us Forces are thrust into the on coming tide of Soviet armor. It is up to Ghost Team and its supporting Task Forces to halt the race to the bridges and key towns, on this 4 maps monster play of World at War. 1985,never looked so deadly.

Team plan:

Ghost Team: guard Northen approaches from a distance, protect towns

Soviet Plan: attack the bridges. Full steam ahead.

T1 ET (End Turn Marker). 65th,ET….ok…..

This forces the Soviet hand early. On come the Tanks in the Northern most town [ Shultz]

No Opp fires were available.

The FSE sit tight.

Turn 2 [forgot to pull 2 ET markers out..duh] Outrider goes first. They adjust their axis of defense. [at this point 1 ET would have gone back into the cup] ET.

FSE is next up and they advance cautiously down the road.

The 143rd enter the board.  [2nd ET returns to cup]Whilst planning to have entered further North , the roads are jammed up. They enter on the on the road to Metz. Opportunity fire slows the advance.

Chaose ensues. Soviets receive the Battle Drill chit. Task Force Outrider drops FASCAM but it scatters into the woods and does not hinder the 143rd.

Designated Formation.  The 143rd continues movement towards Metz.

Ghost Troop attacks aggressively, an Abrams platoon engages and kills one T-62 platoon from 143rd. The Southern most elements of Ghost start moving North. The Bradleys cherry pick targets. In the excitement Abrams fire is inaccurate. Ghost Team settles down and engages units again killing another platoon from 143rd using fire and move tactics.




Chaos (Volley Fire) using this immediately the 143 reduces and disrupts the Abrams hidden in the woods south of Metz.

As the 143rd attempts to advance the Bradleys open up L8 is a smoking area full of twisted metal, right behind it tanks advance heedless of the incoming fire.

The Outriders continue in their activation and eliminate another  t-62 platoon hiding amongst the wrecks and smoke of L8.

H11 bradleys miss their targeted shots at the 65th [ammo deplete] ITV shoots and disrupts, reduces targets in M2.

The 68th comes on board to the North. The road is jammed with BMPs.

TF Outrider continues to punish 143rd for taking the open road. Ghost troop fires at several units disrupting them from their path. FSE finishes the turn with careful move forward.

Turn 4

Ghost Team kicks into gear. The troops breaks up a t-62 platoon from 143rd, and is itself disrupted from Opportunity fire. The FSE HQ and BMP platoon go up in smoke from Bradley fire [here I make the error of not using wreck and rough terrain modifiers to block LOS] – l7 to l2.

The 68th advances.

The 143rd HQ is reduced as it advances, losing more units.

Turn 5

The weakened Abrams platoon pays the ultimate prices for advancing in move fire.

143rd eliminates the lone scout platoon. Advancing costs another platoon of tanks and one reduced.

The FSE slows to a crawl. Ghost troop puts DPCIM and mines into the midst of 68th, to good effect.

The Soviets look around…..smoking hulls pervade the field. Even with the LOS error 2 Soviet formations are in essence broken.

Time for a new plan.

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