Into the Breach – scenario AAR – The Flood [p2/3

Here are examples of the other protagonists in this fight.

Scenario OOB

For the current scenario we have the following forces:

Task Force Outrider 
1x Abrams
2x Bradley
2x Infantry
1x M106
1x Bradley (recon)
1x M901

Ghost Troop 
2x Abrams
2x Bradley
2x Scout Infantry

4x DPICM (2-3)
3x HE (3-4)
1x MLRS (2-3)

Forward Security Element (FSE) 
3x T-64
1x BMP-1
1x Infantry

143rd Tank 
10x T-64
1x Songster SW

65th Tank 
10x T-64
1x Songster SW

4x HE (3-4)
2x Chem
1x MLRS (3-4)

Both sides also receive reinforcements. The Americans receive a tank company comprising of 3 M-1 Abrams platoons. The Soviets receive a motor rifle battalion consisting of 10 BMPs, 10 Infantry, plus supporting artillery and air defense.

Turn 3

The Yanks Strike Back!

The Yanks put on some shock and awe in turn 3 with the first 4 activations of the turn. Ghost starts by calling in the MLRS strike but it falls short when they roll a 6 on the accuracy roll. The barrage still strikes two hexes of T-64s inflicting two hits though. Not having done enough Ghost then calls in two more DPICM missions inflicting further hits Both Ghost Troop and TF Outrider poor on the firepower killing 15 tanks from the 143rd and FSE (5 units KIA, 1 flipped) in their next four activations. The 143rd is down to 60% strength and has lost its HQ.

The Soviets try to regroup attempting to send the FSE and the remains of the 143rd around to the far side of Schulte. Meanwhile, the 65th Tank uses the Designated Formation marker to advance through Wedelheine and to the west in an attempt to outflank the Americans. Only the ITV harasses the tanks with an ineffective volley of TOWs. Finally the 68th Motor Rifle takes up positions in the Lohse and the hill to the east. It’s in position now to slam the Americans with waves of Saggers as well as hitting back with artillery.

Turn 4

Turn 4 begins with the 68th MR calling artillery on positions of Outrider and Ghost. This disrupts several units, and then the 68th follows up with a wave of Saggers. A Bradley is lost and a step loss to Outrider’s Abrams is inflicted.

Ghost Troop and Outrider then proceed to pull back. The ITV takes out some tanks of the 65th and is joined by the recon platoon. The last FASCAM mission is also called in against the 65th to slow their advance. The 65th apparently is thrown into some confusion as it does not activate for the turn. (neither does the 143rd or FSE)

Turn 5

With so many formations skipped in turn 4, Turn 5 was bound to be a long one. It was with all activation markers coming out before the second End of Turn chit.

The 68th Motor Rifle went into pursuit after the withdrawal of the Americans in front of them. They effectively passed through as the Soviet 2nd echelon by activating with the Designated Formation chit as well.

Ghost Troop fired on the 65th Tank with it’s Abrams while the Bradley joined the ITV on the hill above Grandeheide.

TF Outrider continued to pull back to secondary positions with one platoon holding down the right flank heading back towards Witzhave and the remainder falling back towards Rausdorf.

The FSE advanced into Schulte after Ghost’s Scouts left the town. The 143rd regrouped east of Schulte.

The 65th was still suffering from confusion due to the loss of it’s HQ and managed only a few shots at the Outrider recon platoon taking out the Bradleys.

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