Into the Breach – scenario AAR – The Flood [p1/3

Into the Breach – scenario AAR – The Flood

Here is an AAR from the upcoming World at War: Into the Breach from LNL. (due out in March 2012)

Please note that all components seen here are playtest components. 

The scenario is titled The Flood.

Date: May 14, 1985.

Scenario Description: In many places along the front, the speed of the Soviet advance surprised NATO forces; pushing back the cavalry screens and hitting defense plan positions before all defenders were in place.

There are four map sections, and the scenario is twelve turns long with one Chaos chit and two end of turn markers.

Victory Conditions – The Soviets win if they achieve two of the following four objectives:
a) Control the bridge hex at Witzhave and all adjacent hexes
b) Control the bridge hex at Rausdorf and all adjacent hexes
c) Control all hexes of the town of Erp
d) Eliminate 12 American units (not including HQs)

The Americans start with Ghost Troop and Task Force Outrider on map. The Soviets start with the Forward Security Element on map with the 65th and 143rd Tank Battalions entering on turn one. The Americans gain an A-10 and Echo Co on turn six while the Soviets get the 68th Motor Rifle battalion on turn 3.

And just as important as the force levels are the activation markers in the cup.

Turn 1

Turn One passes by quickly with Ghost Troop quick on the move with two activations. They call in DPICM onto FSE T-64s as well as some TOWs from one Bradley and long range gunfire from the Abrams in Lohse. One Abrams platoon pulls back to the hill west of Lohse drawing ineffective op fire from the T-64s. Overall though Ghost’s fire is not that effective with only disruptions to show for their effort. One Bradley is disrupted while pulling back on the second activation as well.

The 143rd Tank enters the board rolling up the road on the left flank behind the FSE. The turn then ends! This leaves TF Outrider, 65th Tank, and the FSE unactivated for the turn.

Turn 2

The Soviets react rapidly to the American cav screen and get their Designated Formation marker to use for the 143rd Tank. One platoon makes use of tube launched Songster missiles inflicting the first casualties against one of the Abrams platoons west of Lohse. Another platoon fires as well against the US tanks. Four other platoons move up the hill to their front and use moving fire. This massed fire inflicts a step loss on each of Ghost Troop’s Abrams platoons. Finally the first kill is inflicted against the withdrawing disrupted Bradley.

After the 143rd’s volley, TF Outrider reacted to move forward but was hindered by Comms Breakdown (Chaos Chit #5). Ghost continued to pull back under pressure with another Bradley hit while the HQ rallied the tanks. The Scout dismounts pulled back into the town of Schulte. Ghost also called down artillery support with FASCAM laid down east of Schulte and more DPICM hitting the Songsters of the 143rd.

TF Outrider got into fire positions covering the area between Schulte and Lohse in the second activation. The 65th Tank entered on the far right flank of the sector heading for the bridge at Wedelheine. The FSE moved up after rallying two platoons while the third ducked into cover after failing to rally.

Turn 2 Observations

A couple things I’d like to point out for turn 2. 

1) The Soviets were very happy activating first with the 143rd, but it would have been nicer not to have used the DF chit. If the DF chit came out later it could have been used to march up the 65th with a double move, and they would have reached the bridge at Wedelheine already threatening to push through without opposition. the opportunity to mass fire against Ghost Troop though was too good to pass up.

2) TF Outrider is now in good position to land some punches with a kill zone set up northeast of Schulte. The FASCAMs laid down will either channel the Soviets into the kill zone or force them to spend time to divert into the woods to the south. The next activations on turn 3 are crucial since the light armor of the Bradleys make them vulnerable to even long range fire of the T-64s.

3) Ghost and Outrider should be able to handle the 143rd and FSE, If they can shoot first they can inflict some heavy casualties and then afford some chance to deploy against the 65th that is threatening to pass by on their left. Right now only an M901 and one recon Bradley can harass the 65th as it approaches.

4) The Americans still have a good amount of artillery left including another FASCAM mission, and a couple of DPICM as well as HE.

The Americans need to keep trying to keep the Soviets at arm’s reach to make use of the long range TOWs. The corollary to this is that the Soviets need to continue to use terrain to keep engagement ranges down.

And for those unfamiliar with WaW, here is a unit diagram.

Combat is a bit like miniatures where the attacker rolls to hit with a number of dice. Then the defender rolls his armor with each “save” cancelling one hit. The first hit disrupts a unit (which may rally by make a morale check); the second hit flips the unit; while the third woudl destroy a unit. Guns get extended range up to double which raises the hit # by one, while short range is at half or less which lowers the hit number. Missiles don’t get extended range at all, and don’t get short range benefits.

Assault combat occurs when units enter an enemy occupied hex. Both sides roll according to their assault ratings for simultaneous fire. There are no armor saves in assault combat.

Part2 to follow

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