INS brief AAR [2nd play]

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I have a few comments on it. I have enough images to make an aar. But the story is one of poor game play and a lack of recall of just how fragile US /Allies forces are. Despite being nearly all 2 step. That and a lack of ability to plan for German reinforcements locations.

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The Road March rules are an annoying piece of crap, its like Bastogne writ large on 5 maps. So setting a perimeter is almost impossible, I just played badly which led to a huge negative impact on my play partner driving 101st and 30XXX. We ended this game it start of turn7. Ugh. Totally my fault.

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Ok. deep breath…..semi rationale update.


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The 82nd Airborne left a road open T2 for some crappy Bns; to infil behind 505 in Nejn.

TWO things – should have taken the 60/40 2:1 attack on the unit @ the bridge of Nejn, and I spread my self too thin. I was trying to cover roads To the 8nd LZ and less focused on covering my ‘other guys’…This sowed the seeds of defeat.

Turn 4 debacle

Turn 4 debacle

Then I did this again at one river crossing in T5 allowing German equivalent of a Pzr Div to cross and approach 82nd LZ (killing supply).  

All round crappy play.  Which spoils the game for everyone else and is largely a waste of time, other than drinking our buddies beer supply. That is never a waste of time! But Dude I hear you say, chill and have fun….I cant if I play this badly. I just cant. But wait there is more.

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Brit Paras.

Rule#1. ignore Arnhem. Cover the LZ, prepare for the reinforcements to your rear. Despite a friendly good natured warning, I fubar’d this. I also took too many risky attacks. I think you need to hunker down and screen the entries from off board and try and await the moment to break out.

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Yep Turn 4…2014-06-21 14.02.48 2014-06-21 14.03.03
Some other random ass thoughts, the 82nd has to take the chance to get an early hit on the bridges at Nejn and reinforce if possible. The ability to do this restricts the Germans reinforcing Southwards and aiding the forces on Map E battling 30 Corps.

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So with the slower than historical advance of 30 Corps due to good play by the Germans and a lack of 4 unit CW stacks attacking blocking German units combined with additional reinforcement from the North and East spelled doom for the Allies.

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Dont get me wrong its not about win/loss, tho I like to win, its more about – competent play.

I was too tired to put it all together and our game had been ‘cancelled’ until last minute. I don think I was ‘ready’ to play. This ended up with me being the lynchpin that fubar’d the game for  everyone. Poop.

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One thought on “INS brief AAR [2nd play]

  1. I’m kind of like you. I don’t like to lose but I don’t mind it if at least I play competently and get to explore the game.

    I’m still waiting to hear something about INS that sounds so wonderful that it will compel me to actually punch it. Maybe it is a larger SCS issue.

    Even the guys at CSWE playing it this year didn’t have a a lot of good things to say about it.

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