In the Beginning….Supreme Commander

I started a session of Supreme Commander on VASSAL with my buddy Steve Arthur.  Interesting system, that I had mentioned a few weeks ago. In my quest to digest the rules digitally I failed. A physical copy was mandatory for me.

After a quick read we got online and took to playing. Thankfully Jeff Newell (the guy who quit playing Hannibal Rome v Carthage with me…..) was extremely helpful in getting us up and running.

For those of you who do not know TSC the game is one of those Strategic level titles ( I only played Advanced Third Reich once) which is a new release and the genre as a whole is really new to me also. I mention this as my head is usually stuck in the Tactical/Operational level stuff so my game play and opinions may be very warped.

Link to GMT site:



I do own a copy of Unconditional Surrender and now even A World at War. AWAW I intend to sell or trade at some point. The 4 million page rule book combined with all white backed counters sent me screaming from the box….shades of Europa from GDW!!!


Arthur Doherty made a nice Turn Sequence chart for TSC that is very helpful:

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Give that man some GG!

Well lets explore the game. Turn one started with a bang. The Germans declare war for free against Poland, (all others cost money (MSP)) to get the ball rolling. Prior to that we batted each other around a bit in the North Atlantic to see how naval warfare worked. Simple enough and very abstract, but where you place your navies, and where the base to at turns end matters!

Poland falls turn 1!



Attacks with air and possible a miss placed unit around Warsaw did the damage.  the Poles gave a good account of themselves knocking off 2 or maybe 3 steps.

In the meantime the French begin building an HQ so that they can keep all the Maginot line units in supply.

The Brits transfer 1 Armor XXX to France, and keep control of the North Atlantic.

Germany teases Italy, France counters both fail diplomacy rolls.


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