One thought on “In search of mastery of Waterloo 200

  1. Yes, understanding the game and knowing the rules is important before a person goes on a rampage against a game. However, that being said, the problem to people really understanding the rules can be the poorly organized or poorly explained RULES. There are, unfortunately, too many games that come out with sub-par or outright BAD rules in them. Either they confuse the players with poorly worded rules (yes, it may be due to translation, but at the same time…get a better translator!) or they are basically written and organized so poorly that the game appears to be too complicated.

    So the onus of a negative review should fall on the reviewer (or person posting…whatever the case may be) being able to claim understanding of the rules, but it is imperative that the game designer or game editor write GOOD and UNDERSTANDABLE rules so the players are more capable of understanding the rules!

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