In Name Alone?

There is no paperwork or data tracking in the remake of the SPI classic; streamlined but realistic procedures allow the realistic portrayal of unit assignment and supply expenditure. Command and control cards drive the action, enabling a player to tailor his emphasis on building units, gathering intelligence, conducting operations, or building up supplies. The map has been given a graphic update. The air war is updated and enhanced and the OOB presents the latest research with all units at a battalion level (armor in companies and air units in squadrons). Now it’s the ultimate North Africa simulation. Joseph Miranda.

Est. Retail $200 (Est. Pledge $150).

ok.. color me curious, in after the debacle with Wellingtons Victory how much trust is there that this will resemble much of anything of the good parts of CNA?


Once again DG goes for soft pastels..’cause you know a softer gentler wargamer is a more informed wargamer.  A sincere and thoughtful gamer. One who is intent upon exploring history is a subtle shade of tan, fushia and puce. Aussies in two shades of green, pink trucks and dismount counters. excellent.

Have no fear friends this is not Richard Bergs unplayable pasta water wagon of yester year. No sir. This is modern design. Subtle hues and paperless logistics.

Try it for $150.  No really. How can I judge value? How many maps? How many counters?  what is in the box. Companies of Tanks? Seriously? Is that a good thing? Why? How does it work….

I think at the risk of missing this, the verdict will have to come from a reviewer who is not attached to the soft under belly of the designer or owners of DG.

On a more up beat note I am hearing good things about the Desert Fox. So its not all bad in DG -land.

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