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This was an expensive buy. But in the end I trust it will be worth it. Joe Miranda developed this system to explore Operational Scale Ancients. Boom. I’m in.  It uses S&T 145, 157, 165 and 175 [ By the way I am looking for physical copies of 157, and 165 magazines only] I have maps and counters and rules. Indeed I have scans of the magazines.. but hey, its nice to have the ‘actual magazines’….right?

This is four magazine games and an expansion pack. My surface reading of the rules is that it should all work reasonably well with out being too silly.  S&T titles have a habit of going off the rails.  I’m no nostalgia buyer here, I just want games that explore the actions at the next level up from Great Battles of History. Titles more in line with Bergs Ancient Worlds series such as Carthage with I enjoyed very much.

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Here we can explore Trajans adventures with the Dacian’s, Caesar in Gaul, the 2nd Civil War and so forth. In fact there are over 20 scenarios all told.

There is a basic game and advanced system also. The maps are nifty as they trace the outline of the world as perceived by the Romans at the time! So England is all whacky, Some city states are compressed and other areas are larger than one might think! Nifty.

This will tide us over until Thunderbolt hits the P500 in 2016!!

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  1. I collected all four magazines to go with the expansion pack and then never did anything with them. I will be curious to see how you do with it.

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