3 thoughts on “In Da House 4…Crazy. Stop the Madness

  1. PanzerArmeeAfrika was my first S&T Magazine Game – #40 in ’73. I also got Guderian a while later.

    PAA was notable for the insane movement allowances – 50 or 60. Of course, only the main road takes one MP per hex but you can move those guys all over. There are trucks ferrying supplies like a mini OCS game. Another mechanic I think I remember is that there is a counterattack – if you attack a hex the remnants can counterattack at double or quadruple strength (for Germans). The Brits have a command control so they can only move stacks in hexes ending with certain digits. You might replace this with a percent roll per stack if you find it gamey. In either case it makes the Brits favor spreading out some.

    PGG I especially liked because of the untried units – good for soloing, nobody knows what will happen.when you first hit the line. The Germans can have a fun time pounding but they are on a tether until they get the roads cleared.

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