Huertgen Forest Conflict 1944

The Huertgen Forest Campaign is an exploration of the 28th Infantry Division’s experiences in the forests of Europe. Poorly planned, poorly assessed, weak intelligence, and a inexplicably determined foe (protecting their secret – the build up for the battle of the bulge).

The 112th Infantry Regiment fought from November 2nd thru Nov 6th.  Their goal was to capture the town of Schmidt.  Facing  them were the 89th Infantry and the 116th Panzer division.  Several thousand men threw their lives away for a plan that almost succeeded. The courage of each army was amazing the losses staggering.  The two diagrams show the Operational Plans that I have drawn up for the US Armies assault on Schmidt.

The  planned attacks of the US Forces.

The US forces executed almost flawlessly against a frustrated German defense.  Stymied by visual range, smoke and aggressive Artillery and Mortar fire from Chem Company, the Germans fell back in disarray after heavy losses.

By noon US forces had seized control of Vossnack.  One company and attached elements were separated to prepare defenses.

Troops advanced down the Vossneck – Kommersheidt Road and established themselves for an attack into the Krall gorge and trail.  Initially attempting to flank under cover of the trees and other terrain, one company crosses the river.

1340 and the US has taken some losses in the crossing and had to respond to a lone company trying to attack the mortar crews.  M-3’s press up to look for firing Opportunities, into the edge of the dense forest.

Both sides have exhausted initial supplies of arty ammo. So its low and dirty grunt work.

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