Hitler Turns East [ATO] Turn 3-5

Although AGN is taking losses they are making good ground and pocketing swathes of Soviet forces at some expense.
2013-12-14 21.20.34

It feels unusual to take this high a loss rate with the German Panzers. Note the two red 4’s. But each turn their is one armour replacement step!

Kliest presses home but not without losses.

2013-12-14 21.34.16



Predictably the Soviets are forced to withdrawal, and their forced counter attacks cause gaping holes on the lines. -2013-12-19 08.15.02

Kliest presses towards Kiev and surrounds units to preserve strength.2013-12-19 08.15.07

Soviet replacements are not keeping up with losses and we realize after the game a minor error was made, but onwards regardless.2013-12-19 08.15.14

The start of the 5th turn sees the first FROST!2013-12-19 08.29.41

Kiev has fallen and the Germans seek to take Leningrad and more central terrain to consolidate before the effects of winter are called upon.-2013-12-19 08.29.53

With a paucity of units on the board their will be no Soviet December counter offensive I think…2013-12-19 15.00.46

In fact the  lines are rather too thin!2013-12-19 15.00.52

Kharkov falls with barely a whimper and Stuka attacks continue to pound on the Soviets. I can see some of the thinking that Racier applied to The Dark Valley from GMT in this title. Perhaps this was a warm up for it?2013-12-19 15.09.58


Now forces start be whittled away and perhaps either I am lucky or this is too much weighted to the Germans favor?


2013-12-19 15.17.48

The lack of command points really limits the Germans to 1 assault for either AGN/AGC or AGS in on region of the map, while the others have to suffice with movement focused efforts.  I like how CP’s here mitigate the abilities of each side over time.2013-12-19 15.17.52

Germans close in on the prize – Moscow!

2013-12-19 15.18.02


Leningrad falls, and it is then we realize we have not really checked for victory as we are so engrossed in our now 3rd play of the game.

2013-12-20 12.17.05

Rum units head for Sevastopol. 2013-12-20 12.17.12

With barely a unit on the board, we double check rules and believe its all legit! This is where I call the game.

2013-12-20 12.21.312013-12-20 12.21.38

The VP total was passed a little while ago but all in all a fun game that requires some significant thinking ahead for good play by both sides. 2013-12-20 12.49.57 2013-12-20 12.50.13Reflecting on this game I think it has a lot of merit to it and provides you with excellent decision points, excellent theme, and captures a lot of the historical  elements. While this particular play did not follow in the footsteps of history on this front, I felt that the Germans were very lucky and the early heavy losses for the Soviets really hurt them.

This might be a problem with the game or possibly how I played. In hindsight in this play thru it was possible for the Soviets to have done better with better choices of Chit actions and more effective use of the forces available.

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