How will Live Broadcast and ‘Scoping impact Board Game vloggers?

Earlier in 2015 Meerkat debuted as the latest tech tool/toy in sharing micro moments of our lives. If one could post what you had for lunch of facebook reasoned Meerkat, why not share live you eating it!

Well lets just say that two companies have exploded – Meerkat and Periscope in the live streaming always on mobile app world. Katch is a tool that was developed to allow live streamers and viewers to archive the footage for later viewing on youtube on the otherwise ephemeral posts of ‘scopers and meerkatters.

Since then celebrities, wannabe celebs and product companies have latched onto this way to connect one on one. Even TMobile CEO John Legere uses the tool as a platform for promoting himself and his company! I have found newscasters, ‘scoping and CEOS or artists and musicians to be the most interesting.

Fast forward a year and Periscope and Youtube Live broadcasting have caused Merrkat to fold. But the live streaming from mobile devise thing is still growing.

Will bloggers and gamers use this to live play games?

Over the past few months live casting here on the bigboard has taken off and lots of folks are also using Facebooks new live cast features.  Nothing like a quick vignette or two shared on the spur of the moment. For now I hope that live casts of game play which are stored and re published on You Tube will suffice and be entertaining enough to keep you coming back!

Tell me more about what you think Live casting is good for. Sound off!

Share with me your opinion on whether or not the content be available afterwards is important!

On a recent trip I did some ‘Scoping of battlefields from the American Civil War and combined them to share on YouTube.


One thought on “How will Live Broadcast and ‘Scoping impact Board Game vloggers?

  1. Live casts are fun to watch as we get to see the game unfold in real time. Mistakes in strategy or things we would do differently unfold as we watch. Not as compelling to some a Football but to a dedicated operational gaming strategist fascinating nonetheless.

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