How do you roll?


Dice Tray?

On the map?

In the box lid?

Special balanced dice?

Custom dice?

Whatever comes in the box?

Do you have a favorite die?

This was a gift from a fellow gamer and reader of the blog. I think the sight of my wire pen tray with a tatty bit of felt was too much for his sensibilities:).


So this is how I roll now.


13 thoughts on “How do you roll?

  1. I roll the dice that come with the game. I either use an old Norfolk Southern coffee cup or a tray that I got as a gift that originally came with a set of handkerchiefs.

  2. Unfortunately, I mostly roll using the Vassal die-roll generating algorithm…. a real exercise in frustration. Given to rolling the extremes, and streaks of repeating one number. I hate it SO, but most of the workarounds I can contemplate just add to the hassle. No good answers, really….

    • Try Hamete if you’re playing online live. is also good but it doesn’t have a feature to allow your opponent to see your die roll. I agree with your observations about Vassal die rolling.

  3. I prefer Dice Towers, but can use Dice Trays or the Game Box with a Dice cup. Just hate the way some so called gamers try to manipulate their dice rolling with their hand.

    Yep I’m very picky, the less control the player has in rolling dice the calmer I am.


  4. I use a dice tower. I use a set of backgammon precision 6-sided dice. I also use GMT 10-sided dice.

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