How and where do you find your military history titles to read?

So where do you go to find your titles that interest you?


Do they find you?

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Who refers books to you?

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Where do you search for books on Military History?

How do you discover what eras, titles and themes you wish to read about?

6 thoughts on “How and where do you find your military history titles to read?

  1. My interests are so limited that I can usually find what I’m looking for via amazon searches.

    Though I often find that I get good recommendations from reading other gamer blogs and forum posts.

  2. Society for Military History Journal has a boatload of reviews posted plus a listing of recent articles on military history within its pages every quarter. That’s the best source for those who read widely in military history, across all periods and genres.

  3. Britain at War magazine and the Journal of the UK World War One Association have great book reviews, but I often find one book leads to another. By checking out the bibliography of a good book it usually refers you on to other good sources. It would be even better if I could read a few more languages!

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