Hot Pocket Redux part 1 of 2 HotG

Bergengipfel, West Germany; 0945, May 14th, 1985
I think most of you saw the video play of our first effort at this on the Meshtime Channel @ YouTube . We decided to replay with me taking the Soviets. Piece of Cake, a veritable walk in the park.

This match up provides lots of replay value for a number of reasons.
Firstly wreck markers. 6 are laid on the field, 3 by each player, within 3 hexes of a soviet/US counter or a wreck and have a 50/50 chance of being a smoking ruin.
The secret weapon of the US forces that enters when in LOS of a Soviet unit.
The variable setup locations of the soviets.
Dont get me wrong, its never easy for the US, but those wrecks can really help as can the early advent of the secret weapon (SPOILER)

Soviet Forces South of town gearup


East side of town forces


Panorama Shot of scenario US setup




Soviet BMPS get TOO close too fast!


The M113 pops from behind the building and OVER RUNS the closing soviets.

Now that is some serious gay play by the Soviet player….me….sigh. I expected the US player to hunker down instead, Rambo driver, careens all over the map as we shall see.


I got to hand it to Captain Fantastic here that this is a great idea. With all this smoke, and the Russian T-62 at the other end of the field, he has little to lose.

Run away

Especially if I continue to roll as poorly as this. He kills the Sarukin the Soviet Ldr.

Turn two

With his death any units that the US can shake at that end mean they are useless to the Soviet effort.
Peering thru wrecked Soviet and US smoking wrecks (red text smoking, black not smoking). The T-62 looks for targets.

Death Alley thru the smoke

The Soviets take fire in the approach to buildings and are shaken.

US rush the Soviets thru the smoke

Its all a little too fast on one front too slow on another.

Quickly Russians move to support

continued in next post.

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