Horse & Musket

Horse & Musket Is a new tactical system that might fill your itch for coverage of battles that are from a series perspective, more than a little neglected. 

In fact H&M seems to pick up where Musket and Pike left off to a certain degree. One would need to venture into BAR and other grand tactical systems to find battles or scrounge around for an old SPI magazine game if not for this new series.

Or it may just be a new system that catches your fancy because it focuses on conflicts from 1683 to 1719 in its first volume. While promising to deliver more goodness all the way thru 1865, this series feels ambitious yet has a very lean feel via its 16 page rules set, terrain tiles and clear writing.

Most new systems dont typically start out with 20 battles in the box…Sean Chick however seems to feel that more is well MORE and better. God Bless ‘is soul. Thanks dude. If this were a GMT system the battles in this box would be split across 4 modules and cost you $240.

I recently sold all of the Musket & Pike titles as a bundle for nearly $400. Someone paid that much for approximately 40 odd scenarios.  So I like the thinking here develop a system that allows me to experience a lot of history, in an adaptable affordable model [$85 bucks for 20 scenarios!]. If I want to dig deeper,then one can always seeks a Grand Tactical treatment or perhaps an Operational level game.

Here is the list of battles:

Vienna – September 12, 1683 – “We came, we saw, and God Conquered.”
Sedgemoor – July 6, 1685 – The Bloody Assizes
Killiecrankie – July 27, 1689 – Slaughter at Sundown
Fleurus – July 1, 1690 – The French Cannae
Aughrim – July 22, 1691 – Bloody Hollow
La Prairie – August 11, 1691 – Double Ambush
Neerwinden – July 29, 1693 – Le Tapissier de Nôtre Dame
Marsaglia – October 4, 1693 – The Massed Bayonet Charge is Born
Narva – November 30, 1700 – Charles XII Smashes the Russian Army
Chiari – September 1, 1701 – Catinat’s Last Battle
Klissow – July 19, 1702 – Charles XII Invades Poland
Blenheim – August 13, 1704 – “A Famous Victory”
Fraustadt – February 13, 1706 – The Swedish Cannae
Turin – September 7, 1706 – Eugene’s Greatest Victory
Almansa – April 25, 1707 – Battle of the Exiles
Poltava – July 8, 1709 – The Student Surpasses the Master
Malplaquet – September 11, 1709 – Mort et convoi de l’invincible Malbrough
Villaviciosa – December 10, 1710 – A Bourbon on the Spanish Throne
Sheriffmuir – November 13, 1715 – Confusion on the Moors
Glen Shiel – June 10, 1719 – Rob Roy’s Last Battle


Epic enough for you?

I was so excited I had to share. My order is in and based on Tom & Mary’s podcast things will start shipping pretty soon.



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  1. I’m interested in this period. What’s “BAR”? I think it’s probably helpful for the non-grogs to avoid the acronyms.

  2. Clash of Arms’ Battles from the Age of Reason (BAR) series depicts, at battalion level, battles during the eighteenth century (Austrian succession war, 7 years war and American revolution).

  3. I made the Vassal module for this game a couple of years ago all while he was developing it. I saw the rules and got to dink around with it. It is a really neat system.

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