HOPLITE – A Request of the Designers

Dear Richard and Mark,

While many crusty Grognards are well versed in your games, who you are and why you are so important (or in Richard’s case why he thinks he is so important),…I had to get one in Richard… many of us do not know you or much of your philosophy of design.

There is a new breed of player of your designs.

There is a new interest in some of the previous systems you designed.

There is a desire to learn more about “how” they came to be.

There is a desire to see some fresh paint and application of current design methods applied to your older titles.

Here is just one quote from a new player:

“One thing I really am hoping for sooner than later is that either of the designers or developer of Hoplite will put out some Designer Notes, or even an article in C3i. I really prefer so many of the tweaks they’ve adjusted Hoplite with (just one minor example, Engagement was an Optional Rule in SPQR and is now mandatory – as it should have been before – in Hoplite), and I would really love to know more of their design theory behind them.

That could help us better understand if they were tweaks to make it a better “game” or tweaks to better reflect the hoplite warfare this release reflects. That probably would give us some indication of which rules, if any, could be “back-fitted” to earlier releases in the system.”



I for one am very interested in how the principles of command in HOPLITE could be applied to other titles in series for instance: Alexander, SPQR and Julius Caesar.

So if you pass this way, drop us a note or let me know how we could perhaps interview you, capture your interest to write an article for C3i or learn more from two of the best!

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