Holy Roman Empire Reboot

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Mark McLaughlin is working on the reboot of Holy Roman Empire for One Small Step:

“we are in the process of reworking HRE (Thirty Years War), which also originally appeared in Wargamer magazine. Like NTND, this game will get a full art re-work, which is in process at this time. We are also anticipating running a Kickstarter campaign for this title. We will keep folks updated as this project moves forward.”


First thing to note is that it appears the game will move from Point to point to area based.  Sadly I dont have a digital copy of this particular Wargamer that would allow me to share a little more insight.

original maphre

Notable that they intend to do this as a kickstarter. I assume therefore that this may well be larger than the typical OSS game, with more counters larger map and ‘bits’.

Tracking this closely. I wonder how this will compare to the under repair Won by the Sword installment of Hull’s 30 yr war operational level installment.

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  1. Not sure how this will fly on Kickstarter – what would they do for stretch goals? Also, if it’s a reprint of a magazine game, it shouldn’t need to raise that much money to get printed.

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