A post from ubiquitous designer Brian Train about his new favorite place to have his games published. – Hollandspiele!

You may recognize Tom and Mary Russell as the former Editor of excellently curated Yaah! mag and Mary as the name behind the operations of TinyBattle publishing. Tom is a fine writer and a smart game designer who has not yet cracked the big leagues [if you call Richard Bergesque infamy the big leagues he aint that..;)]

Their first design from the new company is The Scheldt Campaign from Brian Train, an update and art work re boot and Errata bring a fresh feel this 2nd edition.:

Which is outlined here:

Scheldt Campaign, 2nd edition, now available from Hollandspiele!


Oh where is the site?.. right. Well… brace your self. The site evokes Tom’s ethos. – Clean, simple and elegant.


Do all the usual things – favorite the site, Like the Facebook page, tweet and tune in again, in a few weeks for a look at a couple of their newest titles that are on order to be delivered to my home SOON!

But back to that site. It has a blog! – Why people get into the gaming publishing business always fascinates me. Here is a bit of a look:

Mary writes on the blog:

Hollandspiele is a new company dedicated to the publication of historically-based wargames in handsome and affordable boxed editions. You’re probably asking, “Okay, so what makes you any different than any other wargames company popping up these days?” And, sure, that’s a fair question, and it’s one we’ve thought about for a long time. The answer is a bit… complicated. Because it’s not like we went into this thinking up a sexy “hook” or gimmick that we can use to stand out for the sake of standing out. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time trying to gin up a…

Read the rest here 

I am excited about the opportunity for them and trust that you will be too. Remember a week ago I posted a video talking about how we should honour, support, and be happy for new designers and publishers! Now is your chance. Visit the site and come back to watch me play their newest titles here and live on line.




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  1. Yes, the art and counters are very nice, it’s the same game as the original Microgame Design Group edition – just upgraded graphics.
    And I don’t recall any errata, at least I don’t think any has been added….

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