Hitler Turns East [ATO] T1-2

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This game is a strategic level title, aimed at recreating the Eastern Front in toto.
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Different commands are bought to allow ‘fronts’ to be activated. Each command costs a certain number of Command Points (CP’s). CPs are rolled for on a table each turn for nest turns purchases that you purchase in the current turn, i.e. a turn ahead. Victory is attained by accumulating VP’s by the Axis side which are typically cities or towns.

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Turn 1

Guderian confers +1 DRM in combats, and Stukas add a column shift.

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The initial breakthru is fair but not spectacular. The forces of AGC loop North to block supply for AGN targets.

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A Soviet Hold means movement forward or up and down the

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The Soviets in the early stages can be forced to Counter Attack, on a special CRT. This never ends well. In the SW the Russkies hold and counter attack, Hold in the West and withdraw in the North.

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Germans close on Odessa above, but lack the forces to really create a knock out punch, the 4th Romanians move to encircle.
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Giderians attacks take him North capturing Kovno. Whereas Kliests forces head towards Kiev.

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By the end of Turn two German forces are pressing deep, but not at the pace I might have thought.

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