Hitler Rant – UT [FIXED]

While not war game related it does have Hitler in it. Anything at UT’s expense deserves some airtime!~ Gig ’em.



6 thoughts on “Hitler Rant – UT [FIXED]

  1. Link isn’t working. If this turns into an Aggie blog I’ll have to abstain from participation…;)

  2. Anonymous was me. Was replying from my phone and I guess it didn’t work too well. Just watched from my desktop. Actually pretty funny and creative, although an extreme exaggeration. Alaka or any other recruit that flips isn’t going to make or break Texas or Strong. Every coaching change results in some decommits. Mack didn’t help his replacement by having on campus visits with some key recruits, including Akala, after he knew he was going to “resign”. I think the perceived panic at Texas is wishful thinking from aggie fan. Contrary to y’alls fantasy, Texas doesn’t worry about what aggie does. As long we take care of our business aggie won’t be relevant. History shows that. The nugget of truth in the video is that we do do it to ourselves. Ourselves is the only entity that can really prevent us from being successful.

    As for the “genius” Sumlin; you guys had the best QB in football for two years and still lost 6 games. Do you think your offense is going to be better next year? You think your QB play is going to be better? Knowing aggies they are busy rationalizing how next year is going to be great. I’ll be waiting for the panic to show up when things start going south again for y’all. Had y’all stayed in the Big 12 and had Sumlin I’d be more worried. Heck ya’ll may have won a conference championship and played for NC if you weren’t in the SEC. With the best QB in the country ya’ll were an also ran in the SEC for two years.

    BTW the Hitler and Nazi visuals in the video reminded me more of the “gomers” that strut around tamu than anything we have at Texas.


    • damn..musta been closer to the truth than I thought. Aggies and Horns fans…football fans in general. Sigh. How hilarious. The most expensive entertainment I know. Football is akin to the Roman gladiatorial contests, except you receive no laurels and no degree. 🙂 Fun to watch sad to contemplate.

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