HitC LOF13 part3

Captain Boone, placed the receiver in its cradle.

Realizing he was cut off made him face stark choices.

He must hold on until armored support arrives, but he needs to rally his men into a shorter fighting front.

He watches the soviets in his rear moving up towards his positions; the soldiers with him open up on them. As tracer rounds zip by in return, he sees what is obviously a Political Officer stand and attempt to exhort his men to move. They ignore him and continue firing randomly over the wall, eyes off targets.


Incredulous, Boone laughs as he sees the Officer start pistol-whipping his men! “keep up the fire” he roars over the din of M4’s and the m249. Suddenly the  PO’s head explodes like a ripe melon.  Boone sees the soviets mill about and he directs fire into them, they break for cover, dropping weapons as they run.

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