Heroes of the Pacific Example of Play

Mark has written up an example of play for HoP!

Enjoy atthis link .

This example covers off on Combat for both Infantry and for Vehicles!

Example of Play: Infantry Combat

Example of play, basic infantry combat. Our little battle opens with a platoon of Japanese staring down a similar force of Marines.

Turn One Initiative: The Japanese player rolls a 4, and the Marines roll a 3. The Japanese win the initiative. If the die rolls had been identical, the player who had won the initiative in the previous turn would keep it.

Rally Phase: The Japanese would go first, but neither side has anyone to rally, nor can they swap support weapons. Unlike most other LnL nationalities, the Japanese Squads and Leaders don’t Shake.

Operations Phase: The Japanese get the first impulse. Although they can see the Americans on the board, the Marines aren’t Spotted. A Japanese Squad or Leader could attempt to spot them, but they default to the more direct approach. The Japanese player Low Crawls a Squad from 29H5 to 29H6.  Click thru to read more.

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