Hell Frozen Over – In Da Houz

I’ve been sitting for 5 minutes trying to come with a snappy ‘Hell Frozen Over’ heading…to no avail.

In fact I’m a bit gob smacked!

Here I was minding my own business last night when the Mrs drops a package on my lap and says ‘ Here is ANOTHER game YOU ORDERED!!!” – Doah. I had promised there was nothing coming until the end of Feb!

No amount of declarations to the opposite had an effect. Despite that I was right. I had not ordered this wonderful little package.  –So thanks LNLP for thinking of BigBoard Gaming so we can experience this module.

The Hell Frozen Over is an expansion module for Heroes of the Pacific. Which includes a Rule & Scenario booklet, a Terrain Effects Chart and a map. You will need HoP to play. It is a big ball of large scale infantry fights with 10 or so squads on the board per side all going at it!!

This module has some differences from some other expansion modules, it feels more like a historical module than just a collection of scenarios and a map! Nice lower level terrain details, very interesting scenarios [7 in all], capturing at squad scale the key actions around Cold Mountain, Point Able, Prendergast and even Yamasaki’s last charge. The specific module rules examine the unique terrain and weather:






The map is huge! The details impressive.






Towlines, Muskeg Terrain and the deadly random Williwaws [Aluet for cyclone style storm]

I mentioned that there is a map.

Well there is , but there is also an X-Map version! Holy COW! It is two large mpas butted together where as the standard sized one is one LARGE map weighing in at 22×34. You can see more information regarding purchases here .

One thing to note here is the difference in color tones the larger format is ‘brighter’, as you can see. The X Maps are of course a separate purchase. When viewed in isolation both have their charms.




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