Heights of Courage [SCS]

The SCS system, of late has been a bit mauled by some for some perceived issues. The  game system was intend (personal opinion) to serve as a gateway system to other “The Gamers” titles back in the day. Hence the Standard title. I highly recommend it as a system to anyone getting started in wargaming once you have a few simpler titles under your belt, and of course choose a title that has some interest to you historically. It is also one of those game systems you can grab and go get started for regular gamers who are looking for a title all could play!


The thing that bit at people was a loss of historical fidelity, due to the very simplicity of the system. A little of a catch 22 situation. 

Open and accessible often means forsaking some level of fidelity. Maps looked good counters looked good but I will admit they are always very cramped, my biggest beef with the games in fact. The games are however nearly always fun to play.

Specific rules for each title gave some flavor but not a lot of chrome. Often also the Historical story fell off the axle the moment one side had its exploit phase. I’m looking at you Germans and IDF! Other module specifics would provide a some what distorted view of the time space continuum with massive road march capabilities, that eschewed reality for some and provides a high stress road network plugging exercise for one player buddy of mine!. Can you say Gamey…?



Because of this simplicity a side benefit appears here, these games can be modified by enthusiasts to add chrome, and additional historical flavor as it were. The bare bones mechanics make it ideal for this treatment of just about any of the titles.

Yom Kippur

With Heights of Courage I would want to see where the holes if any are. The IDF (me)  played the wily Captain Detail – Ralph Shelton. I fully expect to get an ass whipping here. Yep and that happened.

Now that said we strike the first hurdle in ‘realism’ or suspension of disbelief. These strong points. I was thinking “I can just jam the big Tank TF’s in there and not have to retreat”. Then fighting my forces against the Evil Syrians will be 1/2  (Tank Ditch) and retreats ignored. I hope that is right! But does that seem right? This was shared with me as a game breaker. Lets see what happens. I also note that it might be possible as the IDF to probe deep into Syria if ZOCS are not erected correctly.

Turn 1 Opens with the Syrians advancing and providing some choices for my response. He aptly ties up units he does not intend to attack in ezocs to prevent exploit move support. Mistake by me, should have kept my dudes back! I push forces into likely attack slots that he will make. Mid Turn 1 looks like this:

The Syrian Combat Phase:

IDF losses: 5 steps off the map, and 6 reduced units. Syrians have lost 5 steps total.

More shortly.

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