HEAD ON 0830-0917

WWIII continues.
Soviets play clever and start sending SPIGOT anti tank units to scout me out.

Feels like the North is either a ruse or awaiting the results of a Southern push to drawn down defenses. The thing here is to keep scenario duration in mind. This thing is 6 hours long. So we are just 2 -3 hours in. Can the Soviets hold the ‘2nd wave’ and still make all the targets? I need some arty…I need men. That big Inf battalion in BMPs at the bottom scares me. Problem is there are at least 3-4 more of those I think… somewhere.



Brad is being uber crafty here……



Still no more units. we are close to losing that damn HQ and my tanks now have limites LOS to the enemy. We do knock out BRDM’s and Hinds. but also lose half of our last Apaches. In the South.

In the South around 0917 we finally get some orders out for Arty that has recovered from CCB fire that it underwent. WE drop mines on the narrow road leading to town. The BMPs walk right into it. But we do not see end result. Our tanks are about washed up here. NOT GOOD. REinforcements will now need to counter attack INTO town more than likely.

We may need to abandon the South, along with the resultant OOC units. Poops. 0917-Sth

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