Head On 0800

Head On +2hours.
Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm.

Losses rack up quickly for both sides. the stream of HINDS never seems to end. They hunt down my TOW units and Vulcans. We knock several out and bloody the advance guard T-80’s. Is this the main thrust? If so where is the Infantry?

And ohh goodie here comes tanks this way too. Crap.

Two problems with this game: 1. no ability to undo an order that I can find yet, once an order is started it counts against your order limit and edits have to wait until next cycle. Second the LOS baffles me. Time to RTFM.

Below the T-80s here appear to be holding. OR they could be EW constrained.


2 thoughts on “Head On 0800

  1. Everything I’ve read about this game gives the impression that it has a strong pro-WP bias. Think the man who designed the game is a Russian.

  2. Well because you hav e no visibility into HOW combat is resolved, the results can be frustrating. When close combat happens.v a us unit they can wipe out 3-4x Soviets. Designed by Americans.

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