Head On 0725

WWIII Day 0 +6HR’s in FlashPoint  Red Storm Multiplayer.

Brad’s Soviets swarm with HINDS seeking my HQ and AA units and weak M150’s.

We cant share exact locations as the enemy may acquire INTEL.

The at start situation is thus:

at start0600


The original goal in the South was to create a firebase at choke points and drop back. But it was impossible to get into location and the Choppers CHEWED ASS. 🙁 ,


I thought this would be a good kill box…it was . For the Soviets!

In the North of the map I expected him to roll up the road, and he did, but the Soviets also sent BRDM units squiggly thru the river and into the heights above the Unterwiessbrun. Which by 0725 have knocked out Vulcan AA support.


Weather is playing a role. With visibility dropping to just 500m for the early part of the hour and now it is wide open out to 2000 meters. I hope my superior range will help here ( I have superior range to T-80’s right?…but not these damn BRDM’s).

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