Hannibal Rome v Carthage 218 B.C. [Rome: card 3]

Now that plan of mine…

Card #3 for the Roman Empire.

Alea acta est.


The Celtiberian Revolt of 218 was a doosie.

Salmantica, Segovia, Segobriga, Toletum and Arsa all rise up in the late summer. With Hannibal gone besieging Massilia the job will fall to Hasdrubal the Lesser to restore order in the hinter lands and plains.

With just 2 CU he cannot reclaim all of the Political Control this year! Nor can he reinforce Hannibal. Nor can he react to my next card in the following card play #5,6. So at worst I hope to knock off a extra Carthage PC from the board this turn!

Lets see how Jeff reacts?


What we need to be mindful off is  cards played against Corsica  and Sicily. as they will be un watched unmanned mostly.





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