Hannibal Rome v Carthage 218 B.C. [Rome & Carthage: card 5]

Hannibal continues to pound away in his siege. Plays a card for the action & Rolls a 6 to finish the siege.

Successfully converting the port this turn!

This leaves 2 cards for Hannibal to either do more damage and head into the mountains to prepare for next year OR, return to the South to convert the Cisalpine Gauls back. OR react to African incursion.

In the meantime, I checked my  rules to ensure that all those forces in Africa would survive the year end. They need to be able to trace a line to a CU, so all the converted PC below should stay subject to actions by Carthage.

So the plan unfolds for the first Year for the Romans.


Jeff counters with Epidemic in Afrika and we are now doing a rule

check, which I will update here as an edit. He flipped PC’s I think you can only cause CU’s to check on the attrition table! I’ll just let him do that over.

Interestingly the Roman army according to Polybius had set sail or was about to set sail for an African Incursion early in the war. It was the news of  Hannibals movement thru Massilia that changed their plans.

P.Scipio diverted back to Italy and the forces headed to Africa returned to Sicily!

The Romans took a different view about the war and their strategy revolved around more than being able to win a war of attrition.

They leveraged Politics, Logistics and Recruiting to out weigh the efforts of Hannibals seemingly un beatable tactics.

More on that later.

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