Hannibal Rome v Carthage 218 B.C. [Rome: card 4]

Now that we have VASSAL module issues resolved we can continue.

Jeff continues his siege.

Then I play Forced March.

Leaving 1 unit to convert the PC in Bruttium.

Pick up one in Messana and sail from Syracuse to Saldae.

[EDIT – I was informed that I cannot move and sail in the same turn! BUT. I can sail from any hex! so we pop over to Saldae with an Army. It just means we cant reinforce Massena like I had hoped to.]

Why do this?


Here is my thinking. First the cards are what they are and I could maybe buy one CU or flip some PC’s. But with my next card I can cause some potential problems in Africa, however short lived they may be.

Hannibal appears to be leaving Attacking the Italian Penisula to next year. So the attacks and revolts in his rear, will hopefully delay that or divert need resources.

This does however expose my Southern flank, and Corsica if he picks up cards for early use next year.

So my plan would be in 217 B.C. to reinforce those areas ASAP, in that expectation.

As a game and a card game at that, it seems to me with little knowledge of either sides cards or abilities, and now ability to do long range planning (one or more years in advance) the game forces you to be opportunistic rather than Strategic.  While you can have a long term plan, you have no ability to drive that plan if the cards do not fall your way. True to life and its random events…? Possibly.

Historically we know Hannibal focused on tactical victories to drive Roman allies to his side in Mainland Italy. However, this did not work, primarily due to cultural issues. We can have some expanded conversation about this as we progress..if I remember.

The short version to me is the tendency of the Phoenican based gene pool of races to have a disdain for other cultures and races and a cruel streak did not bode well for Alliances, Treaties or Trust. This was the core issue Hannibal faced regardless of how successful he was.

The Romans took a different approach, as we will explore also.

A winner is the guy who has the most Provinces under his control, so our short term goal is always to be converting PC’s and to protect our own.

So am I playing that right?




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