Hannibal and the Alps

Have you ever wondered where Hannibal crossed the alps?

Old History books are full myths and fallacies.

Sometimes its cool to just grab some reference materials and…well since I cant walk the path myself, I can do the next best thing! Google Maps. Lets take a walk thru the Alps.


Source: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/gec-history-illustrated-moderated/lX1Un3fWZJQ;context-place=forum/gec-history-illustrated-moderated


Several of the most likely routes of Hannibals journey


Lets take a look at this grade and imagine it in winter…with cape and sandals.


Yep..total bummer.

What an amazing feat. There are few games that portray this journey, less so that really cover off on the Punic War at  Strategic/Operational level with some sort of detail.

GMT Games offers some hope for us with their Richard Berg title named Thunderbolt.

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