Halloween madness [aar]

Another great AAR by Mike Ganotisi! Keep up teh great writing and engaging play Mike! 

I loved this! It was a complete zombie fest, killing over 60 zombies. I was a little worried when we arrived at the clinic. Their numbers were intimidating.

I (Beck) still can’t get over what happened a few days ago. I wished the other group of survivors shared our same intentions. We would definitely be better at defending against the undead. Instead we ended their misery in this hellish town and rummaged through their belongings. Their base of operations were more established than the places we’ve held. The radio hummed with white noise, placing me in a trance. The Sailor tinkered with the settings as its noise got louder.

Tonya was obsessed with her bat. She cleaned it with passion and held it greedily. “Guys,” said the Sailor, “I think we got something here.” We gathered around the radio and listened carefully…

“To anyone who can hear me: I have found the cure. I say again: I can cure the infection. I am in a clinic surrounded by them, and I don’t have enough to cure them all. Help me. Save me, so I can save us all.”

The message repeated 2 more times. “We can’t got out there,” objected the Sailor, “It could be a trap.”

“What if it’s not?” I said. “We don’t know that for sure. We just have to keep taking our chances.”

Tonya retracted the binoculars away from her eyes and said, “Let’s go. The clinics right there, across from that hospital.”

Scenario 5: The Cure
Apocalypse +42

Turn 1
I became a routine. Action always began with sprinting. The Sailor straggled behind again. We dubbed him as the “Anchorman.”

Turn 2
Tonya entered a home to see if she could gather some materials before the 500 yard dash. She darted into the house and dismembered a zombie that was caught off guard. The Sailor did the same, except his house was hosting a party. 4 zombies stared at him with mouthes open. I stayed out as security and shot a couple of undead myself.

Turn 3
(Zombies = No activation)
Tonya’s house was empty so she ran out to assist me with the oncoming zombies. The Sailor swung his bat a smashed one in the head. Tonya and I played target practice while we waited for him outside. We each got another kill.

Turn 4
(Zombies = No activation)
The zombies stood there as we plugged another two with hot lead. The Sailor swung on another as it splattered blood across the window.

Turn 5
(Zombies = No activation)
We were starting to get worried. There was no sound coming from the Sailor’s house. We were about to check on him when he opened the door and thumbed at the door behind him. “This one’s secured.”

Turn 6
There were no zombies in sight so we decided to check some of the other shops nearby. The Sailor found a disassembled pistol. He noticed it was missing part of the bolt so proceeded to the next home.

I both of pistols off “safe” and entered the two story home. The two zombies looked just as surprised as I was. I was tempted to shoot but instead tacked both of them to the ground. I was took quick for one of them. The other put up a fight.

Tonya broke through the windowed door of the shop and swung wildly at 4 zombies. She managed to take two of the out.

Turn 7
(Beck = No activation)
Tonya finished the other two zombies and encouraged the Sailor to move towards the clinic. I was busy searching the area thoroughly. I refused this place was empty.

Turn 8
All I found was a box of ammo in one of the drawers, too bad they were .45mm. Disappointed, I continued to catch up with the rest of the group.

Turns 9, 10, 11, 12
We all sprinted towards clinic.

Turn 13
Tonya sought cover in some thick bushes and trees. I saw her reach back for her shotgun and readied it with a swift pump. Tonya looked back at us and motioned us to duck. “We could really use that grenade now,” she whispered. The three of us stared in awe, overwhelmed the sea of green that surrounded the clinic.

Turn 14
“Whatever happens today, think of all the loved ones we’ve lost to this infection. Do it for them!” said Tonya. We huddled close and gave each a hug.

Tonya led the charge, rested her shotgun on her hips, and squeezed off a shot. 3 zombies were killed. I opened up with bursts of my own but only managed to down one. The Sailor stood there readied with his bat. By now the zombies were aware of us. Food was not only closer, but easier to get to.

The zombies charged towards Tonya and I. We stood there unhinged as we braced for the oncoming carnage. The three of us looked as each other as if it were our last.

Tonya pumped her shotgun and fired into the gaggle of zombies. Two of them tumbled and twitched on the ground. I gripped my twin pistols and fired franticly at the oncoming mob, but only one fell. I was able to pistol whip one as it got within arms length. Tonya was able to rid every one of them off her.

The Sailor stood by waiting for a clear swing but the chaotic melee provided none.

Our shot roared and echoed through every nook and cranny of the city. Zombies poured out of alleyways to investigate the sound.

Turn 14
Tonya was rushed with 4 zombies. She managed to render 2 useless. I killed another. The Sailor looked behind him an noticed a pack of zombies headed his way. A few of them also emerged from the building to his left. He tried to created distance and charged confused zombie standing in the open. It was quickly immobilized from the Sailors wild swings. More zombies joined my squabble. I panicked and ran towards the southern building. I was caught by surprise when another 4 zombies jumped on my back. I was able to kick one of them in the jaw.

Tonya pushed a zombie in front of her and stepped away to take a shot a group of zombies that were closing in. She managed to kill 2 of them. I quickly ran towards Tonya and the Sailor. I shot one an infected on during my retreat. Again, the Sailor was confused. He stood there with a gaze and watched everything around him die.

Turn 15
Tonya pointed her shotgun towards the zombie pack that chased me out of the building. Surprisingly, all of them fell. I switched targets and aimed at a couple that was closing in on Tonya. With my luck, only one fell. The Sailor continued with his easy pickings and disabled another lone zombie.

The zombies charged Tonya, but 2 of them proved worthless as one fell to a deep uppercut to the zombies head. I was able to shoot mine in the face before it even got to me. The Sailor readied for another pinata bash.

Turn 16
Tonya took a step back and fired another shot into the group. This time only 2 fell. I was surprised that she favored the shotgun instead of her bat. She must have been saving it until the end. I fired another shot into the group to assist in thinning them out, but none of them hit. The Sailor charged another lone zombie and fell.

My lack of accuracy caused me to panic in to closest shop. I was afraid to be ambushed by a group of zombies again, but the shop was empty. A zombie fell backwards when its charge was met by Tonya’s boot.

Turn 17
(Zombies = No activation)
Tonya finished her last zombie that was more annoying than useful. I peeked out the shop’s window and aimed at another zombie that was preparing to creep up behind Tonya. The Sailor charged at a pair and swung violently at the two.

The professor scrambled to one of the boarded windows to see where those shots came from. We were hoping he could hear our calls for him from outside. Fortunately he did. I saw a set of eyes from inside the boarded clinic.

Turn 18
Tonya moved to the backside of the clinic and found 2 more zombies. She engaged them to ensure the professor’s safe passage out of town. I was busy turning the whole place “inside-out.” Ever drawer was turned upside down, but I found nothing. The Sailor finished the last zombie that clung on to him.

Turn 18
(Zombies = No activation)
“Let’s go!” said Tonya. The professor rushed out the door as we surrounded him. He looked younger than I expected. The Sailor got ahead and scouted towards our direction.

Turn 19
A zombie rounded the intersection and caused the Sailor to flee. He was surprised by 2 zombies waiting in the building. Another jumped me from behind. I fired a shot but missed. My famous pistol whip stopped it from getting any closer.

Tonya handled the zombie that scared the Sailor. I sprinted forward in front of Tonya to take the lead. We were always competing. The zombie was no match for the Sailor’s bat. It’s head flew clean from it’s body.

Turn 14
(Zombies = No activation)
We all made a run for it. I looked back to see how far we were from the zombies. There was no way they would catch up to us.

Buildings searched: 4
5x Zombies killed: 12
Enemy survivors killed: N/A
Win scenario: 3

Scenario GP: 17
Saved GP: 13
Total GP: 30

Tonya proved deadly with the shotgun as well. A vest and a bat coupled with her ability to reroll her dice makes it that much easier. I never really got the chance to use the Sailor’s ability. I play very cautiously with him. Now that I got a lot of GP points to spend, I could probably take more risks in the final scenario.

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