Hannibal Rome v Carthage 218 B.C.

Opening positions in Hannibal Rove v Carthage.
We will use this with our eye on the prize of having some experience in H:RvC when we adopt our custom battle system for the game using Great Battles of History to resolve all or some of the tactical battles. (See Previous Post)
Jeff Newell is playing me and has a little bit of background with the game. We may even play live so you guys can all chime in and drink a beer with us.
start_H-RvCSince I shall report mostly real time I cannot share my hand of cards with you, nor even intimate what my plan is as although Jeff is a slacker, he just might develop the motivation to read the blog for clues!! So Mums the word!

Cards 1&2 For Both Sides

Suffice to say my first card is Minor Campaign as the Romans I can play this prior to his move. I’m doing this to:

1. Get some force presence near the Alps with my main man Scipio (Publius not Africanus) and

2. knock out that Blue Tribe in Southern Italy with CU (Combat Units) from Sicily using Longius.  Probably Brutti the blue chaps right?

I recall them being not only allied with the Carthaginians but in open revolt on occasion IIRC.


So our moves are thus:R_218BC-C1

Over to Jeff for his first card. Oh..and yes I have read the rules superficially, and will take any corrections from you in a manly fashion.

Carthage Card #1

Place 2 PC in Bertosa and Tarraco.

A surprisingly cautious move from Jeff …But I know he wants action!

My response is partially out of picture. After a look at the cards in my hand, I think I can at least slow the Hannibal juggernaut for turn and buy some time.


Carthage Card #3

The Siege of Massilia! Now that is more like the Jeff I know. He accumulates 1 siege point.

Now for part one of my plan.


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