GMT Update -Main Battle Tank MBT

I was holding off on posting images until the P500 was announced and bam here it is!

MBT  (preorder link) by Jim Day has 166+ orders already and 2 expansions to boot (BAOR and Bundswehr).

Despite some annoyance with the Maps and Sequencing of action phases I really like this game.

IF the scenarios pan out and IF the game play feels the same and allows for ‘modern combat’ we got a winner here!

(Note also the Western theater Drive for the Rhine Panzer expansion will bring the Yanks etc into the game also, which will ship Late May early June)

Lots of other interesting news for GMT. They seem to be in a bit of a pickle, lots of games out of stock, and a lot of games committed to production. Challenging times. I’m sure they will manage this well.

In the mean time my HOPLITE and Unconditional Surrender ship April 11! Sweet.



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