GMT, The Caucasus Campaign p1.

Welcome to the Caucasus!

By: Michal S. (Jean_Leviathan)

After few Dragon wargames (Kreta 1941Ardeny 1944Kircholm 1605Grunwald 1410) this time I decided to give a try to a GMT title. I am a huge fan of GMT games (more than 20 titles on my shelves) but most of them are not pure wargames. One of the few exceptions is The Caucasus Campaign – a game that I bought mostly due to the theme it covers. This campaign has always fascinated me and as Mark wrote in the rulebook – there are very few books and games about this very interesting period of WW2.

I decided to play the full campaign – 14 turns of intense fighting and struggling against the clock for the German side.

Here is a look at the initial setup:

And a closer one on the Rostov sector where all the action will take place at the beginning.


The German super compactor crushes everything on its way. The “Not a step back” order immobilizes the Soviets and causes many eliminations. The line of defence is still here but the German spearheads are closing in.

Victory check: 0 / 18 VP.


The battle rages and the Germans take Pavlovskaya and Yelsk giving them their 1 victory point (out of 18 needed to win the game). Salsk is being surrounded. The Soviet defence will be soon overwhelmed.

German spearheads pass between the two Soviet groups. Voroshilovsk and the Kuban river are within reach.

A quick glance at the Soviet cadre box to see the damage made so far:

Victory check: 1 / 18 VP.


The Soviet defence trembles. The Axis take Salsk, and Romanian cavalry enters ArmavirVoroshilovsk is exposed to an imminent attack. So is Krasnodar where the Soviets managed to gather the remnants of their units retreating from the north. To add insult to injury the Germans managed to take Maikop without firing a single shot!

Is there anything that can stop the Nazi machine?

Victory check: 5 / 18 VP.


The VIII Flieger Corps is no more available so the German offensive will be a little bit slower.

Voroshilovsk still holds on but it is surrounded and the final assault is near. Krasnodar is still in Soviet hands but many units are now supplied only via roads.

Victory check: 5 / 18 VP.

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