GMT Production Update! June through August 2014

From GMT this afternoon!


Our next P500 shipments will begin around the 20th of June:

Panzer Expansion #3: Drive to the Rhine

Thunder Alley

Charging:  We will begin charging for the July P500 releases later this month, hopefully after the two June products ship. Please make sure your credit card info is current in your file before then.

 Tentative Production  Schedule

Here’s what our current Tentative Production Schedule looks like:

Back in Stock

Twilight Struggle, Deluxe Edition (Reprint)

Counter Trays


June 20

Panzer Expansion #3: Drive to the Rhine

ORDERED… Oh and please get off your butts and order MBT the modern incarnation!!!!!! Lets go people!

Thunder Alley



1914: Glory’s End/When Eagles Fight 2-Pack 

WWI, not my cuppa tea, but this looks like a great pack. NOT ORDERED.

Fire in the Lake


So interested, but I may have to wait on this, I lake playing partners and I lack the desire to do COIN. ON THE FENCE

Won By the Sword 


Ben Hull – M&P fame, takes it all up a level so we can see the big picture. I expect a series here!!!! ORDERED.


Enemy Coast Ahead


I know noting about this, has potential I shall await reviews! NOT ORDERED.

Great Battles of Alexander (Expanded Dlx Ed.)  

including don’t forget :  Diadochoi, Phalanx, Tyrant 2 of which are almost impossible to obtain today on the second hand market.

Now will they ask MArk Herman and Richard t update the command and control and perhaps adds chit pull to this?

Or add that as an optional in an upcoming C3i?

We can only hope.



3 thoughts on “GMT Production Update! June through August 2014

  1. FYI, no Tyrant in the Deluxe Alex package, as it’s still in print, but the important ones are there.

    • I noticed that, too — but that’s the product information/component list for the original “deluxe” version. Note the differences in the anticipated reprint components and the other list below. The language for the deluxe redux specifically mentions Diadochai and Phalanx but not Tyrant, and I recall someone with GMT (maybe on CSW?) confirmed it would not include Tyrant. Which is not to say I’d complain if they changed their minds!

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