GMT News Production Update:

“So, you’ll see that we are reprinting pretty much EVERYTHING that is out of stock in the two Commands & Colors series lines, as well as FIVE of our Core Card Driven games. We’ll still get plenty of new games out to you this year as well – just not as many as we’d planned before we realized we really need to slot those reprints now.”

So too many sales, generated too much cash! BUT depleted Stocks! They do not however detail what is being pushed. Won by the Sword has charged so it is safe. I wonder about titles such as the Base Panzer, when it would get a slot? That must be even later now!

Flushing some non wargames:

“We’re Removing Fury and Title Chase Basketball from the P500 List

Sometimes really good games just don’t get enough support on P500 to Make the Cut. That is the case with these two games from one of our favorite designers, Jeff Horger (designer of Manoeuvre and Thunder Alley). Both games have been on our list for a long time, but just aren’t gaining traction with our customers.

Mounted Map fans Rejoice:

Wednesday, July 30, we will charge for the following four mounted maps:

The new schedule:


C&C Napoleonics: The Prussian Army

C&C Napoleonics: Austrian Army Reprint

C&C Napoleonics: Spanish Army Reprint
C&C Ancients (Base Game Reprint)

C&C Ancients Exp 4 (Imp Rome) Reprint

C&C Ancients Exp 6 (Spartans) Reprint

4th Quarter (Some of these could be 2015)

CDG Reprints:

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  1. What about Fields of Fire guys ? I hope that a reprint/2 edition comes this year !!!

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