GMT News and Update – Whoot!

Building and Shipping

“We are currently building both Next War: Taiwan and Blue Cross/White Ensign. The plan was to have enough of them built to ship all the P500 orders along with the big reprint shipment that was supposed to be in late November/early Dec. The building part of the plan has gone pretty well and we’ll definitely be ready to ship the two new games within a few days.”
NOTE – 80 copies of Sekigahara ‘found’ if you want one – Get one.

Replacement for Pzr #3 coming in the mail soon!

So basically all the reprint business is delayed, but the hope from GMT is that:

C&C Napoleonics: Russian Army Reprint
C&C Napoleonics: Spanish Army Reprint
C&C Ancients Exp 4 (Imp Rome) Reprint
C&C Ancients Exp 6 (Spartans) Reprint
The Hunters (2nd Printing – ConsimPress)

Will be on track to ship late in Dec or early Jan.

The big news that I saw:

a. Alexander Deluxe is on track for January shipping

b. as is C3i #28!

c. Q1 Empire of the Sun shipping!

d. Normandy ’44! I did not know that was on the print no matter what list! AWESOME. I was about to over pay for that sucker.

e. Freaking Ukraine ’43 2nd Edition  is going to be up for grabs before we know it!



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